White Fir Essential Oil
White Fir Essential Oil
White Fir Essential Oil
White Fir Essential Oil

White Fir Essential Oil

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White Fir Essential Oil (Abies concolor)
One of my favorites, especially during winter to support lung health. Add a few drops of white fir to the pot over a wood burning stove, light some candles and grab a cup of tea and you're set for a cold winter night.

This is very earthy, piney, woodsy, camphor-like scent that supports lungs and also great to rub on sore muscles and joints.

This particular batch of White Fir EO was gathered by us in the Kaibab National Forest, on the Kaibab Plateau on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. These trees were cut down to bring power into a remote area of the canyon and we were lucky enough to repurpose them, making this especially righteous oil.

How to use: Diffuse, Dilute, or just smell.

Diffuse this essential oil either in a reed diffuser, an electric diffuser, or simply by putting a few drops of essential oil in a pot of water and steaming on the stove.

Dilute in a carrier oil such as Jojoba Oil, or Sesame Oil. We recommend a 1% or 2% dilution.

Simply open the bottle and let the scent rise to your nose.

This is PURE essential oil and VERY powerful. It is the spirit of the plant and as such we revere and honor this essential oil. It is not recommended to apply essential oil directly to skin or to take lots of big whiffs straight out of the bottle. We strongly recommend care when using. Keep away from children and pets.

5 ml Amber Glass Bottle

No FDA Approval. External Use Only.

Why us: We pay careful attention to each plant as it's harvested. By only removing minimal amounts from each plant we ensure that the plant remains healthy.

Before each gathering session we offer a gift of gratitude and prayer.

We use spring water for each distillation and carefully clean the still between each distillation. The heart and soul of plant and distiller alike are embodied in our products.

Our intention is to offer the highest vibration of Native Plant Essence (Hydrosol), Essential Oil, and Natural Products possible. The Wild Plants combined with our intent to bring the gifts of the wilderness into your home are what makes our products unique.

Shelf Life: Approx. 2 years from purchase, refrigeration extends life