Our Journey to an Eco-Distillery

Soon after we started distilling, we saw the inefficiencies in the essential oil industry. One small vial of essential oil required pounds of plant material. We were using 400 gallons of water a day to distill. When we realized how wasteful the process could be, we decided to do things differently. We designed our own still to run off renewable energy, used a chiller to minimize water waste, and made sure all our plant material was upcycled and sustainably wild harvested. 

The Harvest

We partner with local businesses so all of the plant material we distill is upcycled and almost exclusively wildcrafted. What is upcycled plant material?  Take Ponderosa Pine. It is one of our favorite essential oils. To distill Ponderosa Pine Essential Oil, distillers either cut down a whole tree or take many low hanging branches. Instead, we call our local lumber mill  and gather limbs from Pines they have already cut down. We take the branches that would end up in a burn pile and use them to make our essential oils.

The Distillation

Our steam generating boiler runs off of electricity rather than propane and we offset all of our electricity with Renewable Energy Credits.  During the condensing phase, cooling liquid runs through the condenser. During this process you have to run ground water into the condenser non-stop, generating up to 400 gallons of waste water a day. We use an industrial chiller to reuse our cooling liquid repeatedly without any waste. After distillation we use the leftover plant material for mulch and any leftover water as compost tea!