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The hiker in your life is ready to go with this all plant, distiller made gift set. Perfect for sun burns, bug bites, dry skin, and more. 


After Sun Relief is 100% distilled plants, offering the after sun relief we know of! 

BackCountry Salve: Moisturizes your skin, smells good, and will help to repel bugs. This salve will alleviate bites & cuts, and soothe and soften overworked & over washed hands.

Soothing Ointment: Bites, rashes will be bested! We got you covered with our handcrafted juniper based ointment

Suggested Use: Before, during and after sun exposure to quickly soothe inflamed skin. Made completely from sustainably harvested and ethically sourced plants. Shake before use.


After Sun Relief: Fireweed Hydrosol, Chaparral Hydrosol, Aspen Bark Extract Powder

Soothing Ointment: Utah Juniper Native Plant Essence, Organic Jojoba Oil, WildCrafted Utah Juniper Essential Oil

BackCountry Salve: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, WildCrafted Essential Oils (Sagebrush, Utah Juniper, and Piñon Pine Resin)

Shelf Life: Approx.  1 year from purchase, refrigeration extends life

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