Meditation Set
Meditation Set
Meditation Set
Meditation Set
Meditation Set
Meditation Set
Meditation Set

Meditation Set

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Create your Custom Meditation Kit by choosing three of our WildCrafted and Steam Distilled Native Plant Essences. Use our hydrosols to set your space and intention before, during, and after meditation. Clear your space and your air as you enter a relaxed sense of restful alertness.Allow the plants connect to you.

Choose 3:

Piñon Pine: If you need some Heart Opening & to usher in Joy
Ponderosa: If you feel blocked, unable to move forward.
Chaparral: To bring renewal & hope into your energy sphere
Fireweed: If you are going through complete re-creation & renewal and need a boost to move through your metamorphosis
Sagebrush: To help move through Grief Sadness, for added calm throughout your day
Juniper: If you are needing to move through Anger, Resentment, and Fear

Rose: (Not always available) is especially known for it's work on our heart center. Call on the Desert Rose to support your self love, romantic love, forgiveness,  acceptance, and unconditional love.

Having multiple to choose from helps us move through whatever life brings forth.

(if you are still unsure, visit our individual Native Plant Essence Listings for more information on the specific plant.)

Suggested Use: Mist yourself and your space with our sprays before meditation and after. The repeated use will bring you into a state of meditation more easily the more you use them. You may also use them as a toner.

Ingredients: Piñon Pine Hydrosol, Aspen Bark Extract Powder

Shelf Life: Approx.  6 mo - year from purchase, refrigeration extends life

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