Self Care Set
Self Care Set
Self Care Set
Self Care Set

Self Care Set

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Feeling stressed? Introduce a little wilderness into your self-care routine. Welcome to our Wildcrafted Luxury Self Care Kit featuring our friend Piñon Pine.

Allow Piñon to ground you in the present with a warm & loving embrace.

Suggested Use: Diffuse our Piñon Resin Essential Oil. Then spritz your space and face with our Piñon Pine Plant Essence to help you to clear the air & energy. Next, lovingly massage your body with our rich Piñon Pine Body Oil crafted with Organic Sesame Oil and our Piñon Resin Essential Oil. Finish by liberally misting your skin with Pinõn Pine Plant Essence to seal the moisture into your skin.

Self Care Kit Contains: 2 oz Body Oil, 2 oz Native Plant Essence, and 1 dram of Essential Oil. All in Glass bottles.


Piñon Pine Body Oil: Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, WildCrafted Piñon Pine (Pinus edulis) Resin Essential Oil

Piñon Pine Resin Essential Oil: Wildcrafted & Steam Distilled Piñon Pine Resin (Pinus edulis)

Piñon Pine Native Plant Essence: Piñon Pine Hydrosol, Aspen Bark Extract Powder

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Shelf Life: Approx.  1 year from purchase, refrigeration extends life

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